La maison du jardinier et ses tulipes

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45 réflexions sur “La maison du jardinier et ses tulipes

  1. Hello Sophie! Were these photos taken during the weekend? I hope so because I am seeing a very blue sky on the first photo. The house seems to be from a fairy tale, and the flowers seem to be in paradise! Loved the light on the flowers! They are so beautiful, in terms of format and in color! Thanks so much, dear Sophie! This will help me during the week! Take care and have a wonderful day! 🙂


  2. Stéphane Cassin Photographie dit :

    La maison est jolie, j’aime bien le rendu et les tulipes, il y aurait à dire dans l’histoire, le passé 🙂


      • Thank you. ‘Rouge’ is diffcult for me, because in german it’s not male or female, it is neutral.
        For example: man, computer,.. is male (‘der’ in german),
        woman, rocket, … is female (‘die’),
        child, house, car is neutral (‘das’).
        Because of this some words are difficult. But as always I give my best!!! 😉


      • Oh yes I was forget that, I « learned  » or more really I follow during 2 years german when I was 14years. And I remember Die das and der.
        But no problem my friend I say it to you because of our last discussion about french. And I will help you as much than you need 😉
        I know that your are a best man 😀
        Have a great week end my dear


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