Fleur au parc de Bagatelle II


32 réflexions sur “Fleur au parc de Bagatelle II

  1. Très belle prise Sophie! Je n’aime pas les photos de fleurs habituellement. Mais j’aime beaucoup les contrastes et le fidélité des couleurs. Bonne journée!


    • Salut Meho
      Merci beaucoup j apprécie grandement.
      Ta description de ma photo est exactement tout ce que je souhaite réussir dans mes photos du contraste et de la fidélité.
      Bon dimanche en espérant que vous ayez un soleil aussi radieux que le notre aujourd’hui de l autre côté de l océan.

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  2. Hello Sophie!

    This is a jewel! Better say that there are four jewels on the photo! Loved your composition! There is a lot of harmony – the result is very soothing! Thanks so much!
    Have a good week ahead!
    XX from your friend!
    PS: Many comments for this post! Well deserved! 🙂


    • Hello Fabio,
      You are so kind thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      This kind words make me really happy.
      Where do you live? (i am a curious girl !!)
      Have a wonderful evening


      • Thanks to answer Fabio. San diego !!! California let me dream ! it is too cool, so it sunny there ! Lucky you are.
        I live near Paris at 15 km(9,5 miles) on the east. And be sure that it is not California 😉 !!!!!!
        Take care too 😉


      • We lovers of photography can find beauty everywhere. And you are close to Paris. Ulala!!! San Diego has a wonderful climate. We are going to Coronado today and I hope to get some pics. Lucas, our youngest son, is here, and we are taking advantage of his visit. Hope one day to visit you there and to take some pictures together! Take care, my friend! Have a good night! 🙂


      • It will be a great pleasure, come when you want (but maybe more in the summer 😉
        Have a wonderful day with your family Enjoy !!!!!!


      • I live in a town named Neuilly sur marne , search on google you will see is a lot of building very ugly the only thing good is that we can be in Paris in 15 min by the train and that we got a river : The Marne and it is cool to make walk or to cycle.
        😉 😉


      • I will check your place on Google. You may write in French – I will learn a lot! We are from Brazil – Portuguese is not so much different than French. 🙂


    • And you know what I took this picture last September and at the beginning I am not going to post it because I took so many ones these day and I don’t knox why, I pass to an other serie….and yesterday the sun make me to post a flower so I go to my photo library and Voilà !!!!!
      xx Fabio


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